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We all have music in us

Involving ourselves in a musical activity can be rewarding mentally, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. Music surrounds us in many forms and is a fundamental part of human experience. I believe everyone has some measure of musical ability. It only needs nurturing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Actually, with the right information, attitude and coaching, there are all kinds of skills that we can learn. Talent is made, not born. (See Daniel Coyle's excellent material at The Talent Code.) If you open your mind to possibility, and are prepared to put in the work that is needed, I guarantee that you can be pleasantly surprised.

We all have music in us

My approach
to learning

The initial consultation lesson

Lesson rates

There are many facets to music, just think, for example, how rhythm applies to our everyday lives: our footsteps, our heartbeat, the way we speak and the inflexions we use to indicate mood or tone of speech. In a way, we are already ‘making music' constantly!

Learning the piano - my approach

There are three complementary elements to the lessons:
  • Enjoyment - This is most important. Music making and music learning should be enjoyable and interesting. Lessons should build confidence and motivation, and help the student learn to express themselves through the piano. This also means that lessons should be tailored to the needs and interests of the student, and you are encouraged to question, express your views, and play a role in setting the agenda for lessons. I am always very happy to talk about how the lessons are going, and what you are looking for from them.
  • Resources - Lessons draw upon my experience as a pianist, orchestral and ensemble musician, music graduate and composer. As well as working with well established tutor books, lessons include listening to and watching great pianists from my audio-visual resources, trying your hand at improvising and composing bits of your own music, playing duets with me, and even recording you (if you want!). All of this builds your musicianship as well as skill at the piano.
  • Structure - Learning a skill involves mastering a whole range of sub-skills and acquiring new information. Doing this in an organised way makes it a lot easier. Our work together is logically sequenced and explained, and you are always encouraged to ask questions and challenge me on what I am teaching you - everything should make sense for you. Learning a skill ultimately depends on your own self-discipline, patience, and creativity. I help you learn how to teach yourself - that's what practice really is - so that you can become independent.
The initial consultation lesson

Whether you are an intermediate or advanced student, or a complete beginner, we always begin with a consultation lesson.
  • It’s important you find the right teacher that you 'click' with. You can ask questions about how the lessons work, and get a feel for what it is like learning with me.
  • If you are a beginner, we make sure that you have played an actual piece of music by the time you leave. Yes, you can learn something even in the first lesson! I also review what musical abilities you have developed so far, and get a sense of your learning style, so we can build a picture of how to go forward.
  • If you are a more experienced pianist, I assess your current strengths and areas for development - as a pianist, general musician, and learner. As well as giving feedback about this, I give you practical suggestions about how to build on the strengths and address the gaps in your experience.
  • By the end of the consultation, whatever your level of experience, you receive clear feedback on what your next steps could be, including specific exercises that you can get on with straight away.
The consultation lesson is an excellent way to help you decide whether you would like to have piano lessons with me. All consultations last 45 minutes, however this can be extended if we both feel it is necessary.
Lesson rates

The length of lessons depends on your developing level of ability and learning style and we can adjust this as we go.

If you like what you have read here and would like to chat

 about the possibility of having a consultation lesson with me,
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