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Music theory

If you want to learn to read and write music then a good grounding in theory is important. Theory is already logically integrated into your piano lesson, however if you wish to take ABRSM exams above Grade 5 then you will need to have taken Grade 5 theory to demonstrate that you have a particular level of understanding. If you are interested in any of the higher theory grades then do get in touch so we can discuss how to go forward. The ABRSM theory syllabus can be found here.

Music theory


Exam preparation

University entrance/auditions

Book Dan for performance/rehearsal


Composing is at the heart of music making. Even when you are innocently whistling a made-up tune, or hitting notes on the piano as you see fit, this is just improvisation which is instant composition! To compose is to live and breathe your music, it is pure creativity and a raw expression of your very being. However, don’t be frustrated or impatient that your music doesn’t sound different from Chopin or Rachmaninoff. Finding your own compositional voice is all about listening and experiencing the music of others. You will find that the greater variety of music you listen to, the broader your compositional style becomes. Every famous composer at one point or another took tiny phrases or ideas of music from his fellow musician without even realising it. Ergo, your compositional voice becomes a rich tapestry of varying timbre. What makes the voice your own is how you personally combine your influences into your music, how you personally interpret the music of others into your own.  

I teach composition up to, and including, university entrance level and can help you create a portfolio of compositions for this purpose. Lessons include learning the rudiments of notation (progressing onto advanced notation where necessary), harmony/counterpoint and orchestration. You will also be introduced and encouraged to use the Sibelius notation software. Remember, though, that Sibelius is purely a tool for neat presentation of your score, don’t rely on it to compose your piece!

Exam preparation (GCSE, A Level, instrumental exams or accompaniment)

Whether you need extra help with aural, score study, composition, Bach chorales, performance study, or you just need someone to accompany you for your instrumental exam, I can provide support at a pace that suits you. It isn’t always possible to have ideas and methods explained in more depth in your school lesson due to time constraints. One-on-one tuition is a great way to really step back the pace, gain a solid grasp of the material you are studying and build confidence.
University entrance or auditions

Preparing for university entrance and any other audition can sometimes seem like a daunting task. A piece of advice, you have no need to be nervous! The examiners always have your best interests at heart and should always do everything they can to make you comfortable in your audition. When you are in the audition room, though, your mindset somehow changes and you can sometimes end up playing your pieces in the exact opposite way that you intended. I can help show you how playing for an audition is no different than practising at home, by helping you to understand how we as performers work in different mindsets.

I offer this service to any instrumentalist, regardless of what you play the principals are the same. I can also help you choose an appropriate programme that is coherent yet demonstrates your various abilities as a performer.

Booking me to perform or rehearse with you

I have broad performance experience and can offer solo work, accompany you as an individual instrumentalist or play in your chamber ensemble. I can also offer you instrumental ensemble tuition so you can hear and appreciate how your instrument sounds with the piano. A lot of the time it isn’t possible to hear your piece with the accompaniment (take sonatas, for example) and there is a last minute rush to book a pianist, quickly learn to play together and then perform. I can offer you the time you need to get used to playing with someone else and help you really listen to the full picture. Although the piano traditionally plays an accompanying role you would be surprised at the musical detail to be found if you listen!
N.B Extra costs will apply if you require me to perform for/with you. Please contact me for details.

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